Officers of the Coporation

President Keith McConnell
Past President Dave Palmer
Vice-President Wally Wagner
Secretary Nancy Borden
Treasurer Valerie Marshall

Board of Directors

Dave Palmer
Keith McConnell
Wally Wagner
Nancy Borden
Valerie Marshall
Carolyn Johnston
Jason Morton
Ron Potter
Brett Reavie

Areas of responsibilities:

Bar Ron Potter and Bill Hillis
Property Jeff Dunford
(reporting to Dave Palmer)
Ice Jason Morton
Membership Carolyn Johnston
OCA Laura Reavie
(reporting to Brett Reavie)
Volunteers Mike & Anne Pasco
(reporting to Keith McConnell)
Leagues & Bonspiels Brett Reavie
Public Relations Carolyn Johnston
Website Manager Glenn Campbell
(reporting to Carolyn Johnston)
Room Bookings Paulette Laforest
(reporting to Nancy Borden)
Fundraising Laura Reavie & Amy McConnell
(reporting to Brett Reavie & Keith McConnell)
Grants Carolyn Johnston