Curling Etiquette

Before The Game

  • If you can not curl please find your own spare. Check the spare list for your league.
  • Arrive with enough time to get changed. If you are going to be late call the club, 613-478-2311, and let your skip know.
  • No street shoes on the ice. All shoes must be clean. Please use the shoe cleaner when you enter the ice.
  • Start the game with a coin toss to see who gets hammer, and a handshake.


During the Game

  • Play “ready curling', make sure when it is your turn to throw you are in the hack and ready to throw when the skip asks you to.
  • Sweepers who are on the team that is throwing should stay in front of the hack, giving the thrower a clear view of the skip.
  • Sweepers who are not on the team throwing should stand at the side of the ice between the hog lines.
  • Keep the ice clean. If you see something on the ice pick it up.
  • Skips stand behind the hack, quiet and motionless, brooms horizontal or on the ground until their opponent has delivered the stone.
  • If you accidentally touch a stationary or moving rock announce it immediately. It is the opposing skip's decision to either replace or remove the rock.


After the Game

  • End the game with handshakes and thank the other team for a good game.
  • It is expected that the winning team buys the other team a beverage of their choice after the game. The losing team does offer to buy the second round of drinks.