Club facilities and rental information

Looking for a place to hold a special event such as a wedding, anniversary, family reunion or annual meeting? The Land O’ Lakes Curling Club may have the facilities to meet your needs. During the summer season, the club can hold up to 400 guests (winter season 175 guests). You have use of the bar, a complete kitchen and arrangements can be made for setting up and removing of tables and chairs. Please refer to our price list and further information below and if you are interested in renting our facilities, please contact Paulette Laforest  at:

Summer Season Facilities Price

Main rink area. Accommodates up to 400 guests.
$225 per day (plus HST)

Main rink area, downstairs bar area, upstairs and kitchen.
Accommodates up to 400 guests.

$450 per day (plus HST)

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Year Round Facilities Price

Upstairs bar area, viewing area and kitchen. Accommodates up to 175 guests.
$200 per day (plus HST)
Members receive a 25% discount.

Hourly rental (up to two hours):
This is intended for shorter events such as meetings.
$20 per hour (+HST) for members
$25 per hour (+HST) for non-members
An additional charge of $50.00 + HST shall be added if the Lessee requires use of the kitchen.

Additional Charges:


Security Deposit:
Persons renting the facilities will be responsible for any loss or damage to the club property and any goods, land or equipment included in the rental. The deposit will be returned to the lessee following the event if there are no costs involved.

Liability Insurance:
The Lessee shall maintain public liability insurance with limits of not less than two million dollars for injury or death from one accident and two million dollars property damage insurance, insuring the Club and Lessee against injury to persons or damage to property on or about the Club premises and shall include the Land O’Lakes Curling Club as an additional name insured in respect to the leased premises.

Other Potential Costs:

Set Up and Take Down of Tables and Chairs:
$100 for the upstairs area
$200 for the main rink area
Lessees can choose to perform this work themselves.

Ice Maintenance Fee
A cost of $100 will be added if the event requires the ice maker to prepare and maintain the ice surface.

Corkage Fee
A fee of $5 per bottle will be charged if the lessee is providing own wine at a meal.

Cancellation of Agreement Less Than 30 Days Prior to Date of the Function:

50% of the full rental fee will be forfeited to the Club